About Us

Mowersking was developed to offer commercial cutters information about all types of mowers that are currently on the market. We choose the mowers that, in my opinion, are the best for commercial use. All of these observations are based on my personal experience using the mowers that I’ve reviewed.

I know a lot about lawnmowers, equipment, and the lawn care industry as a whole because I’ve worked in the field for more than eleven years and owned my own lawn care business for eight years. As a result of this experience, I am able to speak with confidence about these topics.

Also, I’ve just started reviewing lawnmowers that are meant to be used by one person. These will primarily appeal to people who own their own homes. Because so many people asked for it, I decided to add support for these mowers to our platform.

In each and every one of my reviews, I make it a point to maintain objectivity and provide only the facts regarding the wide variety of outdoor power tools that are on the market.

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If you have suggestions for mowers or are interested in advertising on my site visit our contact page.

DISCLAIMER: I am a part of Amazon, Home Depot, and other affiliate programs. Some of the links in our articles will give us a small commission. This will, in no way, change the price of the product if you decide to purchase it. Consider it a thank you to me and a way for me to “keep the lights on.” It is my way of being able to provide the best, most cutting-edge content to the community. I also periodically have discount codes. On some of these, I may earn a commission as well.