ZS4000 Stand up mowers come with two decks size 32 inches, 36 inches, and 52 inches that provide AirFX™ Cutting System. This is a stand-up mower in the Bobcat ZS4000 lineup. Those are popular for their lightweight, high degree of maneuverability, and operator comfort.

The Bobcat ZS4000 lineup offers stand-up mowers that are renowned for their lightweight design and exceptional maneuverability. These mowers are equipped with two deck size options: 32 inches, 36 inches, and 52 inches, all of which incorporate the innovative AirFX™ Cutting System.

This system enhances cutting efficiency and precision, ensuring a clean and polished lawn. Moreover, these stand-up mowers prioritize operator comfort, making them a preferred choice for users.

Thanks to their ergonomic design and user-friendly features, these mowers make lawn maintenance tasks a breeze. In sum, the Bobcat ZS4000 series combines ease of use with cutting-edge technology, making them a top choice for lawn care enthusiasts.


The features of the Bobcat ZS4000 32″ bring to light the reasons this zero-turn stand-up mower is favored among the many different brands. Listed below is what this zero-turn stand-up mower has to offer the consumer. 

  • Compact size, extra ground clearance, and large drive tires
  • The bullnose AirFX™ cutting system
  • A low center of gravity for traversing hills with ease
  • The tool-free controls for quick fixes
  • Allow to stand up to downtime and keep you moving forward


Most people love to read only specifications on mowers. Here, below listed detailed information on Bobcat stand-on mowers that you can compare with other Bobcat and other brands of mowers to choose better for your land.

  • It is stability, agility, and profitability
  • Kawasaki® 26-horsepower FT730V
  • The fuel tank holds 6.5-gallon oil
  • AirFX™ cutting system with bolt-on baffles and replaceable, steel-fabricated spindles
  • It has a straight steel shaft for longer tool life and less vibration.
  • Length: 69-1/2″  
  • 32″ 36″ 52″ Cutting capacity


This stand-on mower is a precisely durable engine to the head. It is an excellent model of Bobcat to have start-ups that are quick and easy, and a low center of gravity provides for traversing hills with ease. The head is constructed with heavy-gauge, fabricated steel making it a powerful landscape tool by Bobcat. Lastly, the four-stroke motor is made with the highest quality and lightweight parts for a long-lasting engine

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